FinTech: Prototyping and Design of Smart Card

Project: Smart Multi Card Prototype Development
Duration: 2 years
Participants: Doyeon Kim – Team Lead


Product Definition

When you think of credit card, the mental association of credit card is a plastic material operating financial transactions. You swipe or insert to authorize the payment. However, there are engineers desired to combine multiple credit cards in a single card form factor.

B Pay, or commonly known as Fuze Card today, is a smart card device holding multiple credit card information in a single device. B Pay is smart financial technology device which can hold up to 15 credit card information and function to make financial payment transaction. Upon user’s button triggered payment selection, B Pay’s proprietary emulator technology emulates magnet information signal appropriate to the user’s selection of desired payment option.

Concept Anchoring in Product Development

The advantage of applying familiar features to your new product is that it enables users to anchor the concept easily. This way, it will introduce and anchor a new concept to a feature that is already familiar to users in order to teach critical, complex, or new feature.


Visual Product Attribute as Financial Payment Device

Visual and distinct product attributes are the most significant desired message we want to deliver to the users. IT device in a card form factor helps customer make right inferences about the product and takes mental shortcut to assume the device functionality as financial payment. To be coagulated only within 0.7mm thick PCB, mechanical assemblies and central components of smart product are designed carefully.



Physical Interaction Design


Although the card itself functions on its own, the Bpay card has to be activated and data transfer interaction communicates with eCard Manager Application on user’s mobile phone. Card registration flow chart is as shown below.


Card Registration Flow Chart

System flow between eCard and eCard Manager application

There are 4 systematic parties involved in the flow of payment: eCard applet, eCard MCU, phone application, and financial service server. User interface involves eCard selection upon button trigger then processed through eCard MCU. MCU may control magnetic emulator, but for IC chip to function properly, eCard applet should communicate with financial server to receive financial information simultaneously upon payment selection.
Initial registration, pairing, authentication data are communicated OTA in real time.


Interaction across mobile and the device

The card device will have rechargeable battery, charged through applicable charging cradle. The product has graphic type e-paper display showing card information and Physical User Interface (PUI) of 3 buttons. eCARD Manager functions as following: eCard Registration, Bluetooth Sync Option, Password and PIN Management, Loss Report, eCard Payment Option Selection, Transaction History, and eCard Deletion.


Prototype Development and Production 

Bpay has had continuous hurdles. All smart featured components – SEIC, NFC applet development, graphic e-paper display implementation, and magnetic emulators- not only had to developed properly but also with no error or delays. This is the main reason why Coin or Plastc had to close their business after 100, 50 million dollar investment. In addition to meet 99.99% accurate transactional standard, physical interactive design was another limiting factor to overcome. Highly advanced and delicate technique is required to fit all smart featured components and flatten the surface including battery and display. 

Check out the production video.


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