IoT: Brand Identity Development for IoT device

Brand is the perception of the company and product in the eye of customers. In the world of overflowing IoT devices, an exposure of the brand can impact on your identity or positioning of your company.

Project: Bisecu Brand Identity Development
Duration: 3 weeks
Participants: Doyeon Kim – Project Lead, Sumin Lee – Designer


Bisecu’s old bisecu logo represents a combination of a bike and lock integrated on the front wheel; however, it does not convey its most impactful feature -the new design – nor offer advanced branding for the generation bike riders.


Conveying lifestyle image alive


Bisecu reinvents bike lock with smart IoT operations in lifestyle sports category. Considering Bisecu’s mission, value, and positioning in the industry, we believed sports dynamics and activity should be visible through branding. So, dynamic color palette is applied.


Nimble team and smart product

Bisecu is a small team venture startup and its product categorizes as IoT, hardware, and smart device. The team characteristics and product attributes are conveyed through more sleek, modern feel typography.


What is Bisecu’s core attribute?


We believed Bisecu has its strength on design. The new form factor enabled for bike riders to effortlessly experience hassle-free lock and unlock functions. Thus, brand identity should focus on the form factor itself.



Logo is the cornerstone of brand identity. It should clearly communicates who you are and what you value as a brand and be visually appealing. Integrating the key elements for brand mission, value, and positioning, Bisecu logo is generated as above.


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